Temporary Fencing

Integral Scaffolding can offer a large amount of Temporary Fencing for Hire which we can have delivered, assembled, dismantled and removed from your site.

Our safe fence system is supplied by Australian Owned company ReadyFence, which was designed with added strength to improve on existing Temp fence on the market, and is now available for hire.

The fence pieces are 2.5m wide mesh panels with galvanised posts.

These are erected into hardwearing & damage resistant footing blocks with concrete ballast and braced to offer a solid temporary fence.

When concrete ballasted and locked in place, the plastic bases weigh 25kg each. The unfilled units are a light 4kg, making them simple to manoeuvre, load and carry.

The plastic bases are less likely to cause personal injury than other alternatives and come in the bright, highly visible “Safety Orange” and white.

The Readyfence Product Range also includes additional safety accessories such as hand and foot rails.

The plastic bases and fence panels meet Australian standards for design and safety. The panels have been designed by a structural engineer to meet Australian Standards AS 1170.1, AS 1170.2 and AS 4100 which relate to wind loads and steel structures.

Temporary fencing is suitable for perimeter security, machinery or plant securtity, public events and construction usage.

We also have shade cloth available that can be secured to your Temp Fence if required.